This Unit is operated by share farmer Brandon Schrader and his team.


About the Unit

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This is a finishing unit consisting of 90 hectares of fertile river silts and 1,820 hectares of coastal sands. The light soils mean grass growth is very variable over the summer. The soils are best suited to cattle pastures with a high proportion of trading stock to give flexibility with stock numbers. Stock and grazing records are captured by Agriwebb.

There is an ongoing development program of improving soils and pastures with fertiliser and subdivision. Every year aerowork using GPS precisely apply fertiliser, to balance the nutrients available, to the sheep and beef farm. Increasingly these dryland pastures are being managed by adaptive multi-paddock grazing with long rest periods and short grazing intervals. This is increasing the storage of carbon in the soil. 

On this unit we winter 13,500 stock units predominately cattle. The farm participates in purchasing Meat Company quality assurance programs.

Spread over this unit are pinus radiata plantations totaling 340 hectares.

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The most common bird on this part of the farm is the skylark. Twice a year, the Egmont - Wanganui Hunt Club hunt for hares with horses and hound dogs over the farm and in the late autumn many pheasant shooters enjoy trying their luck on the coastal part of the farm.

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